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Optimum Health & Performance.

Success Made Easy.

Enjoy a Slim, Fit, Healthy and Happy lifestyle for good without the struggle of self sabotage, hours at the gym or strict dieting through our transformational Mindset, Fitness and Nutrition synergy method.

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    Bespoke Coaching

    Mindset | Fitness | Nutrition

    If you are looking for the ultimate 1 to 1 accountability and support of experienced coaches to help you reach your health goals, we offer a 12 week programme tailored to your needs to help you achieve your next level goals!

    When your mind and body is in synergy, living a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle, you can enjoy optimum performance, overcome any challenges and rule your empire how you want.

    This is for you even if you struggle due to a lack of motivation or a busy schedule. No more excuses just results!

    We help you champion a slim, fit and healthy lifestyle for good.

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    Mind Body Transformers

    Join our Facebook community of powerhouse leaders, successful Entrepreneurs, CEOs and Executives.

    Would you like a fit and healthy lifestyle for optimum performance?

    Do you want to combine Mindset, Fitness and Nutrition for a lasting transformation?

    There is nothing like having the support of a community behind you to reach your goals. 

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    Are you stuck in a cycle?

    You struggle to break a lifetime of unhealthy habits.

    You find it difficult to incorporate a fitness and diet regime that suits your lifestyle.

    When you start something new, you go at it obsessively but you easily get distracted or lack the motivation to keep up the momentum.

    Any results you get is either slow going or doesn't last. 

    Slim & Fit the easy way!

    Achieving your health and well-being goals doesn't have to be hard or a struggle. With the help of 3 experts we make weight loss a simple, easy and fun process.

    Let's Smash Your Weight Loss Goals

    Meet Your Experts

    Donna Liza

    Transformational Mindset Coach and RTT Practitioner

    A certified Master Mindset Coach and RTT Practitioner with 8 years experience in training, mentoring, coaching and team management, Donna specialises in helping uncover the root cause of success saboteurs, eliminate mindset blocks, heal at the subconscious level and aligning mindset with strategy so you can move the needle to your next level goals with ease. 

    Magalie Paillard

    Nutritional Therapist and Well-being Coach

    Magalie is a registered Nutritional Therapist and Well-being Coach with 15 years key experience in the fields of stress, burn-out and fatigue with intellectually and physically demanding industries. She can help get to the root cause of your health ailments, reclaim control of your well-being and call the shots.

    Adele Benfatto

    Health and Wellness Coach

    Adele has over 25 years experience, certified by the World Federation of Fitness and Conditioning Professionals and co-owner of a Training Academy in China for a worldwide accredited training methodology. She specialises in helping people live a better, healthier and more functional life by working out, achieving fat loss goals, and easing aches and pains through proper training. 

    Are you ready to take control of your well-being?

    We have three options available to suit your needs and budget from a group mastermind to a fully bespoke 1 to 1 programme with our three expert coaches.

    Coaching Options

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