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You are sick of the struggle and you're ready to take the next step towards a slim, fit and healthy lifestyle for good.

Make an appointment on the Slim Fit Dames Bespoke Coaching calendar. I look forward to speaking with you!

What we will discuss on our call:

  • Your weight loss goals.

  • Your current situation.

  • A solution to your problem.

  • Donna Liza

    Your Success Mindset & Transformation Coach

    Meet Your Experts

    Donna Liza

    Success Mindset & Transformation Coach

    Donna specialises in helping uncover the root cause of saboteurs, eliminate mindset blocks, heal at the subconscious level and aligning strategy so you can achieve Success with ease. She is a multi-certified Master Mindset Coach and Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner with 8 years experience in training, mentoring, coaching and team management.

    Magalie Paillard

    Nutritional Therapist and Well-being Coach

    Magalie is a registered Nutritional Therapist and Well-being Coach with 15 years key experience in the fields of stress, burn-out and fatigue with intellectually and physically demanding industries. She can help get to the root cause of your health ailments, reclaim control of your well-being and call the shots.

    Adele Benfatto

    Lifestyle and Fitness Coach

    Adele has over 25 years experience, certified by the World Federation of Fitness and Conditioning Professionals and co-owner of a Training Academy in China for a worldwide accredited training methodology. She specialises in helping people live a better, healthier and more functional life by working out, achieving fat loss goals, and easing aches and pains through proper training. 

    What our clients are saying

    "I had to do a sensitive scene and needed to quicklydrop 6lb!

    Adele applied an eating regime that easily worked around my shooting schedule and I could achieve my goal on time."

    Olga Kurylenko

    "I am now working out everyday, making great food choices, and feeling more energised, ready to fight everyday for a better me."

    Diane Aidenbaum

    "I’d recommend Donna to anyone who wants to discover where their self-sabotage and procrastination come from and to erradicate them once and for all. "

    Joana Casaca

    "I cannot recommend Magalie Paillard highly enough as both a nutritionist and weight- loss expert. Her approach is very knowledgeable and she has great expertise but she is also friendly and so easy to relate to.  "

    Cathryn Queck

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