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Enjoy a Slim, Fit and Healthy Lifestyle for good.

If there was anything we have learnt over our 45+ years of combined experience, it is that in order to effectively reduce unwanted body fat and effectively maintain your ideal weight, you need a synergy of Mindset, Fitness and Nutrition. This is why we have joined forces to provide you with a complete programme to ensure your goal success so you can enjoy a slim, fit and healthy lifestyle for good.

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Transformation From Inside Out

Donna Liza

Success Mindset Coach & RTT Practitioner

I help you create Freedom, Success, and a lasting change in your life and business. Achieve a breakthrough, smash self sabotage and align mindset with strategy so you can move the needle forward towards your next level goals with ease!

Having worked in fast-paced corporate environments, from training clients at age 17 to managing a multi 7 figure business, I have seen and experienced first hand the effects of stress and pressure on performance, physical and mental health, and how it affects your work, life and cause a strain on personal relationships. The most challenging moment at the peak of my career prompted me to deep dive into self and professional development. 

I learnt that Mindset is Everything! Mindset - the set of beliefs you have about everything - are behind the thoughts that controls your behaviour, reaction and action. 

I have trained, coached and mentored individuals and teams over the years, but it was when I started working with a client with a health and fitness goal who was diagnosed with chronic anxiety and depression that I realised that Freedom starts from within and incorporated RTT in my coaching practice. 

On a personal level, I understand the emotional and physical turmoil of weight gain when I got pregnant and put on over 70lbs. With the help of our transformational method combining Mindset, Fitness and Nutrition, I was able to reach my 12 week goal in just 6 weeks! I discovered that weight loss can be easy and fun. Reaching my goal so quickly gave me a boost in confidence and energy that I needed in my busy lifestyle.

Magalie Paillard

Registered Nutritional Therapist & Well-being Coach

Hi I’m Magalie, I have 15 years´ lived key experience in the fields of stress, burn-out, and fatigue within intellectually and physically demanding industries.

Like you, I am a high-achiever and always have had a very competitive side. I was a dedicated ballet dancer and a fierce gymnast growing up.


As an adult, I found myself working in stressful roles in competitive industries from finance to hospitality. The constant traveling, very tight work deadlines, and multi-tasking took a toll on my health, mentally and physically.

After understanding why my body was not working optimally through specific tests and making the appropriate changes to my diet and lifestyle, I finally felt free and had a eureka moment!

Understanding my body on a much deeper level with its limits, I was finally able to function at a pace that my body could handle and I was happy with. 

Getting chronic fatigue syndrome was the best and worst thing that happened to me. Why? Because it led me to where I am today.

I invested years in deepening my knowledge and strengthening my skills so that I can help you get to the root cause of your health ailments, reclaim control of your well-being and call the shots.

Adele Benfatto

Lifestyle and Fitness Coach

I have been a Lifestyle Coach & Bespoke Trainer for the past 25 years.

I specialise in helping people to live a better, healthier and more

functional life by working out, achieving fat loss goals, and easing aches and pains through smart, proper, tailor made Coaching.

I enjoy the positive impact of information sharing and helping people

look and feel better, have better energy, experience better mood as well as strength.

I’ve always been athletic as a child, and competitive in school, and

always loved toned, muscular physics, so it was quite natural that I

landed up marrying a professional bodybuilder .

I spent a good time living in the USA amongst Professional athletes

learning all their secrets, until I eventually got certified with the World

Federation of Fitness and Conditioning Professionals, which all

happened 25 years ago.

During the years as a coach I had some great experiences helping

people with their transformation journey, learning all there is to know

when it comes to achieving optimum results within fat loss as well as

toning, shaping and conditioning the Human Body.

Through the past 10 years, my husband developed his own Training

Method call Progressive Performance Methodology, which are just one

of the many tools and methods I like to use in my Bespoke Program and Coaching. A solution designed to steer people away from distractions or fears and toward focus and progress. The aim is simple— to achieve maximum muscle engagement with minimal misspent energy. It will be smart, efficient work for achieving the greatest benefits and results.

I like applying different exercises and training methods in my coaching

that can be performed by anyone, at any age for the physically

advanced and the physically challenged.

I believe when we reach our Physical Health and Ultimately, our True

Body Image, together with a New Mindset, we can once again Ignite our Passion, that can give us the Power to find our Purpose and enjoy a

Life of fulfilment in Health, Wealth and Happiness.

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