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For CEOs and Execs over 40 who wants weight loss for optimum health and performance.

We help powerhouse dames to champion a slim, fit and healthy lifestyle for good without the struggle of self sabotage or dieting using our transformational Mindset, Fitness and Nutrition synergy method.

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Its with great pleasure that I share my progress in this recommendation letter for my Lifestyle Coach, Adele Benfatto, who has helped me make permanent life changes for better health and Longevity.​

At the age of 86 I know how important it is to stay strong and functional. I have been with a Personal Trainer for the past 20 years of my life, but 2 years ago Adele introduced me to her training style, a method called PPM. This method of training has improved my strength throughout my whole body and has also improved my arthritis I felt in my hand and the weak knee.​

After each session I feel, vibrant, flexible and pain free. This style of training I would recommend to anyone who put longevity at the top of his or her list of priority.

I think it’s a revolutionary training style and would apply this method to my training for the rest of my life.

Shirley Kaplan (86) - Interior Designer

I had to do a sensitive scene and needed to quickly drop 6lb!

Adele applied an eating regime that easily worked around my shooting schedule and I could achieve my goal on time.

Olga Kurylenko

It is with great pleasure and happiness to write this recommendation letter for my personal trainer Adele Benfatto. Her concerning nature and touch has made my training experience an absolute pleasure, and she helped develop a new attitude in me. Along with more confidence and drive to stay healthy, as I am a sufferer of a condition.

Her training method that she used is comfortable and I feel it doing “good” for my whole body. I feel that I am more functional now, I feel stronger, balanced and more secure when hiking the mountains, which are something I love but stopped due to my previous physical weakness.

This training has changed my Life. Thank you for making me feel young again

Lorna de Beer (70), Business Owner | Film Industry 

I’ve been struggling with Self-sabotage and procrastination for quite a long time and they have been holding me back. I thought I knew why I had these behaviours but after the RTT session with Donna I discovered that I had a subconscious belief that I wasn’t aware of.

Donna was super helpful since the beginning, super understanding, confident, intuitive, knowledgeable, motivating and her voice was amazingly soothing – which was exactly what I needed. She made me a very well thought recording, with all I needed to hear and where every word was thought to make me change the right things.

I’d recommend Donna to anyone who wants to discover where their self-sabotage and procrastination come from and to erradicate them once and for all. I’ve now started my own process and I will listen to the beautiful recording Donna prepared for me for 21 days. I’m super excited with this new step towards being who I want to be. Thanks, Donna, keep up with the magic work!

Joana Casaca

I cannot recommend Magalie Paillard highly enough as both a nutritionist and weight- loss expert. Her approach is very knowledgeable and she has great expertise but she is also friendly and so easy to relate to. 

I was referred to Magalie by my GP as she is an experienced Nutritionist-  I had become very overweight (by about 15kg) after emigrating to the the UK. She introduced me to the Low GL way of eating which is more of a healthy lifestyle approach than a diet , which is why it has lasting effects and is maintainable. 

Magalie  is incredibly motivational and got me to eradicate sugar from my diet which was life changing. Following the low GL meal and snack ideas she gave me ensured that I never felt hungry. We planned weekly weigh-ins as part of a group challenge, and as predicted,  I lost 1-2kg’s each week until I was back down to even slimmer than my target weight. 

On top of that my skin was glowing and I looked so much healthier! 

Magalie has a gift for clearly explaining exactly what is going on in your body when you eat a certain way and provides delicious recipes which fit in exactly with the diet plan she recommends. 

She also makes sure to check in on your psychological well-being, working with you by help create more balance in your life. 

I contacted Magalie a few years later again, when I was feeling very run down and suffering from chronic fatigue. This time she worked with me over Skype as I was based in South Africa. She quickly identified the areas of my diet where I had deficiencies and corrected my blood sugar levels using the principles she had worked on with me before. Soon I was feeling healthy, energized and happy with my figure again. 

I feel really blessed to have met Magalie and learned how to control my body-weight and sense of well-being through sticking to her well-planned diets/nutrition plans. She is a true expert in her field and has a wonderful warm, caring and helpful attitude. 

Cathryn Queck

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