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Bespoke Health and Wellness Coach

HI! I am super excited to have you here!

My name is Adele Benfatto, a Bespoke Health and Wellness Coach.

Did you know that the greatest gift you can give to yourself is your health – mental and physical?

This is a one-stop destination where numerous of clients have achieved their long-term weight loss, fat loss, and wellness goals for optimal health plus longevity.

So, welcome on board, and together, let us start rewriting your story ….

Unlike in the past, more and more people today – regardless of their age -- are recognizing the importance of being healthy for overall well-being. 

Many people -- busy career and ambition-driven professionals, mothers, etc. -- however, have tight schedules with most days being challenging and demanding. But then, physical and emotional needs should never be neglected. 

You are already aware that carrying excess weight exposes you to future health risks. You know that you need to make changes. However, you already feel tired and maintaining a healthy diet and exercise schedule is a real nightmare.

Life is too short, so you should live it to the fullest.

You need to:

Cut weight and get healthy Be fit and strong Get fabulous and confident.

You have tried diets plus quick-fixes and by now you know that they DON’T work in the long-term. Are you now feeling tired, confused, frustrated and discouraged after those many past failed attempts? 

Don’t give up just yet. 

What you need is a personalized solution. Bespoke fitness and lifestyle coaching is the answer to the constant battle and struggle in your life. 

And this is where I come in …

I can help you transform your health and lifestyle and have the body you long for.

Imagine …

Proudly looking at your fit and lean body in the mirror Wearing clothes that make you look and feel great Ditching aches, pains and stiff joints for more vitality and fun Improving your mental health, energy and confidence. Being on track to getting rid of medications to reclaim your health. Finally, developing habits to sustain a healthy lifestyle

You can make it happen.

With determination and commitment, it WILL happen. 

This is the starting point of your body transformation.

So why choose me?

I am on a mission. I am committed to providing passionate, caring coaching to support, inspire and educate my clients so that they feel on top of the world and achieve their goals. 

My job is not just to “motivate”’ you to exercise. I specialize in providing a system that really transforms your body. I use tried and tested workout and nutritional methods which help me to create the best plans to help you get results – faster than you ever imagined!

Your Goals

I will need to find out “why” you want body transformation as that will be used to motivate you. This could be an upcoming event, or you just want to enhance your health. I will provide you with the needed knowledge and support to achieve your desired weight and maintain it, so that you will never have to worry about it again. 

Design a Customised Plan

We will get personal and real and craft a bespoke plan that meets your goals plus aspirations. I will help you to uncover the reason behind the unsuccessful diet plans and exercise programs. I will also guide you so you can make choices that will assist you to attain your weight loss, fitness and health goals.

Mindset Coaching

Improving your mindset is a critical aspect in your pursuit for fitness and health. For most people, the mind can be the real enemy to achieving their ultimate goal. It plays tricks on them by making long-term success in fat loss, fitness, and healthy lifestyle look like Mt. Everest – simply impossible for them to climb. This makes them give up faster than expected – thanks to their many past failed attempts.

I believe that everyone can go beyond their current limits to attain their supremely personalized fitness goals. The one phrase that I do not like my clients to acknowledge is “l can’t “. You will learn how to “just do it” … and break your current limits. 

In a positive environment, you will surely regain your MOJO with Donna in your corner as your Mindset Coach.

Personalised Nutrition Assessment

Diet and nutrition are vital elements of an effective wellness and fitness programme. Diet affects your fitness and performance. Anything that goes inside your body tends to show on the outside. That is why at slimfitdames we place importance on nutrition and diet just as much as we do on bespoke training. 

Over the last several years, I have coached all sorts of clients and witnessed every fad diet and craze come -- and go. However, all through, I have been consistent in my beliefs and principles about how training and diet should be approached and delivered.

By assessing your life now, I will be able to develop a perfect nutrition plan that suit your objectives and body weight. Progressive specialized training techniques coupled with a balanced approach to diet and nutrition produce excellent results -- quickly. This is why it is critical to know how to maintain a proper diet. 

Fat Loss Coaching

There are various factors that impact a person’s ability to cut body fat versus body weight. By carefully assessing sleeping patterns, stress management, lifestyle choices, personalized diet as well as particular workout techniques, a solution will be found to enable you to optimize the ability to enhance fat loss. 

Weight Loss Coaching

As your bespoke coach, I will help you loose that endless battle with your weight. I will provide you with the ‘ammunition’ to take you to your desired weight and keep it at bay – without feeling miserable or punished.

Lifestyle Changes

Long-term behavioral change is at the core of my coaching, leading to the formation of lifelong habits. We want to help you develop fitness, mindset and lifestyle-changing habits.

Commitment and Accountability

Though shaping up is a simple science, it needs solid commitment. I will help you transform your health, habits and quality of life from the inside out by coaching, empowering, supporting and holding you accountable. Lack of proper information and the absence of structure are the main reasons behind failure to realize the anticipated outcomes. You will need to remain strong, focused and functional to be able to battle through the tough days, and that’s where I come in.

What Clients Say

I had to do a sensitive scene and needed to drop 6lbs quickly.

Adele applied an eating regime that easily worked around my shooting schedule and I could achieve my goal on time.

Olga Kurylenko


Adele’s style of training has forced me to focus, de-stress and to be present and the advantages are not only physical.  It’s a great way to start the day. Adele too is a consummate professional. During my 60 minutes- her focus is unwavering. It brings an intensity to the workout that I personally have never experienced with any other trainer (or method).

Jason Ray

MD – Advertising

If you are looking for a holistic approach to wellness and a sustainable program then look no further! Adele and her team will tailor a specific plan that is optimal for you. Exercise, nutrition, supplements and overall well being are the focus of a bespoke strategy designed specifically for each client. After years of not succeeding with the traditional approaches to fitness and dieting I am without a doubt in the best shape of my life since my teen years. I couldn't have achieved any of my goals without the assistance and encouragement from Adele and team. Best investment I have made in decades.

I Lost 8 cm from my weist and 8kg after just 2 months. My sweet tooth as well as cravings for other junk foods (salty snacks, soda, chocolate) isn't anywhere near what it was. My favourite clothes from 35 years ago now fit me perfectly. I feel so much better physically and mentally.

Chris Pelinsky

Adele is an exceptionally knowledgeable, caring and patient coach. While working with her on my iPad screen on another continent, I still feel her sharp analytical and safe assessment as if she was in the room.

Linda Goldstein 

Artist | Manager |

Producer | Consultant

I offer a health and wellness journey that is non-judgmental, empathetic and fun.

I am aware that all my clients are different and so I work with them, using a collaborative method to understand the direction to take for better long-term success. But I am firm and sometimes strict, for the greater good to help you get through the tough days and obstacles that may come into play when least expected.

My bespoke programmes are designed to help you to achieve any of your objectives fairly quickly and effectively. They include weight loss, fat loss, health and wellness. In fact, in some cases they have even improved arthritis and longevity. 

After 30 years as a professional Health and Wellness Coach, I have learnt that it takes an integration of three major critical factors to achieve optimal health – exercise, nutrition and lifestyle. I use proven, result-based and simple approach that incorporates exercise, nutrition, diet and lifestyle.

This holistic approach has enabled my bespoke health and wellness clients to achieve some incredible life changing outcomes, which they weren’t unable to achieve before -- whether on their own, with other personal coaches or even with medical professionals.

This technique not only improves but also empowers my client’s well-being, fitness, function and energy with long-term results.

So I welcome you to take your first step towards your New Lifestyle Journey. Lets work together, take back your Power and find your Passion and Purpose once again.

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